TLing and a guide to Premiere

Translating and editing are difficult challenges that every individual has to face. Most people decide on software like AegisSub to get their subbing done, but I want to explain why Premiere Pro can be a very useful option to sub if you know how to use it well.


Triple click the link below and extract this: (nvm, find a download to premiere pro yourself. torrenting is illegal)

TL shortcut setup

The most important key you will use when TLing is S (add edit) which you can change here. Up and down are also very important tools to use:

When you select a track like so:

You can very quickly and easily use S to splice it in half.

This allows you to very easily create clips and splice them. Not shown here, but using UP or DOWN allows you to jump gaps and snap right to blank clips. You will find that up-down will be your best friends in editing.

Now, if you do have gaps like so, a faster way to get your clips together is by clicking the blank space between them. This creates a white box like this, and if you press delete, the clips instantly snap together. This is how you can very quickly create clips.

Text setup

Text in premiere pro is the MOST frustrating part of the software. You need to manually resize the text every single time, as it lacks a feature for text-box usage. Do NOT use the textbox tool, because it causes the outline for the font to get messed up often.

First, write a text by using shortcut T and placing one down. This is how I set up my font, but you can change it as you wish

Let me walk you through the things here:FILL is what colour the text itself will fill in. Usually, I keep this white, as you can't really see otherwise.

STROKE is the border around the text (the blue part here.) I have mine set at 15 or so usually, but 11 is also okay. This is the colour, and I recommend you choose a dark one that represents the streamer's own colors too.

SHADOW is the black border around the blue part. This one has a hard setup. By default a shadow is not at 100% opacity. Change it to be 100, then change other settings to zero. The second from the last setting, "size" should be set to around 10 to create the effect I show here.

Now, drag your entire text across the whole video. Then, as you're editing, you can just use S to cut the text at any time if you want to splice it. This saves time creating new textboxes every single time you want to transcribe something. I also reccomend you choose two different timelines if two livers are talking, so you can easily tell which text is which liver.

Happy translating!