Japanese lessons

This is where I will update my JP lesson materials. Here is some information about the content.

1. I use a software called Anki flashcards. It may be a pain for beginners, and it's honestly not the most user-friendly. If you want to import cards, install Anki, get the cards from the download link, open Anki, press "import" and tada! You're done.

2. I design this with the intent that the users have a basic understanding of Japanese. This includes Kana, basic kanji and basic words. Rather than fill the card list with vocab that everyone can find in a core deck or Genki I textbook, I'd like to list the more obscure / harder phrases that VTubers say. If you do not know most basic vocab already, that's fine; in that case, I recommend getting the Japanese Core Deck for Anki.

3. Order goes by video, from bottom (oldest) to top (newest) upload.


As you can tell, this has not really been updated in a long while. This is partly because I just started teaching Japanese myself for fun, rather than trying to use flashcards from videos specifically. Furthermore, the variation of what could be considered difficult regarding flashcards was pretty high. Therefore, I suggest if you're interested, please join my discord server. https://discord.gg/zc4hAjM

HOW TO USE QUIZLET: Quizlet is an amazing, free built in to browser software that functions similar to Anki and can be used to review cards. You can change the settings and mess around with the way you learn the cards below by following the instructions on the image. If you are on mobile, click the "direct link to the quizlet" button and mess around with the settings until you find something you like.

Contains: 10 words.

Contains: 16 words.

Contains: 19 words.

Contains: 16 words.

Contains: 14 words.

Contains: 23 words. I intentionally did not include Mahjong vocabulary. Not everyone will play it; those who do will learn the vocab naturally as they start to play. Otherwise, they'll never have to know those words.

Contains: about 16 words I guess. I'll try to do more for next videos, but for this one I didn't make much since I only had this idea halfway through.